Zinc Urja (Edta Chelated Zinc 12%)

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  • Chemical Name
    Zinc Ethylenediaminetetraacetate
  • CAS No.
  • Color & Physical Form
    White creamy colour   Powder


Zinc is an important element, indispensable for the vegetative growth of the plant. Most of the crops are very sensitive to Zinc deficiency. Its presence activates a series of enzymatic actions in the plant for maintaining the course of several vital growth events. Zinc enhances the protein synthesis and promotes the production of growth promoting substances thus increase the yield and quality of the crop.

Zinc URJA contains a special organic compound called chelates in which Zinc or other metals remain bound. As far as uptake is concerned, Zinc URJA (Chelated Zinc) is far quicker than any other source of Zinc.

Importance of Zinc in plants

  • Plays important role in protein synthesis and production of Auxin.
  • Regulates vegetative growth as promoter.
  • Regulates level of Phosphate within the plant body.
  • Essential for synthesis and activation of various enzymes and growth hormones.
  • Activates many metabolic activities.
  • Develops resistance against environmental stress and pathogens.
  • Ensures timely maturity of the plants.

Pack Size

200 gms
100 gms


Zinc (as Zn) min. In the form of Zinc EDTA12.0%
Lead (as Pb) max.0.003%

Symptoms of Deficiency

Zinc deficiency can often be identified by distinctive visual symptoms that appear most frequently on the leaves. Sometimes the symptoms also appear on the fruits and branches and evident in the overall development of the plant. The common symptoms are as under -

  • Occurrence of light green, yellow or white areas between the veins of leaves, particularly the older lower leaves.
  • The above spots turn into brown to chlorotic patches resulting death of tissues.
  • Shortening of stem or stalk internodes resulting a bushy, rosetted appearance.
  • Small, narrow, thickened and malformed leaves.
  • Less or no flowering, less fruit or grain setting.
  • Early loss of foliage can cause complete damage to the crop.
  • Malformation of fruits or grains often with less or no yield.

The net results of Zinc deficiency are stunted growth, yellowing and chlorosis with brown spots on the green parts of the plants, prolonged maturity and poor yield. A severe deficiency may kill the entire crop.

Sampoorti Product Benefits

  • Micronized powder, complete water soluble and easily absorbed by the plants.
  • Ideal for Foliar Spray for quick and effective amelioration of Zinc deficiency.
  • Develops resistance against diseases, pests and environmental stress.
  • Improves nutritional quality, yield and shelf life.


  • Rice, Wheat, Maize, Cotton, all Vegetables and Cash Crops.

Time and Method of Application with Dosage

  • Foliar Spray
  • Top Dressing – On the standing crop.


  • Foliar Spray : 100gms/acre in 100-125L water.
  • Top Dressing: 250-500gms/acre with UREA


  • DO NOT mix with UREA, DAP and SSP for soil application.