Sanjeevani Aqua (Soil Conditioner)

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Sampoorti Product Benefits

  • A unique product containing 100% water soluble Carbon which ensures its deep and wide spread penetration into the soil.
  • Makes complexes with soil Phosphorus and many micronutrients making them available for growing plants.
  • Promotes the multiplication of beneficial soil micro organisms which improves the soil fertility. Helps in maintaining soil CEC and pH closer to neutral.
  • It improves the water holding capacity of the soil, promotes root growth and nutrient uptake.
  • Compatible with chemical fertilizers, improves yield both in quantity and quality and makes the crop more profitable.


  • Suitable for all field crops including vegetables, fruits, pulses, Oilseeds, Flowers and cash crops.

Time and Method of Application with Dosage

  • According to the soil fertility level 2-3 kg per Acre should be applied in two split doses of 1-1.5 kg each at 30-45 days interval through irrigation system. Can be mixed with Urea for Top Dressing.


  • 8-10 KGS /ACRE