NPK 19:19:19:2.5 (S)

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  • Chemical Name
    NPK 19.19.19
  • CAS No.
  • Color & Physical Form
    White, Brown, Black Others   Powder


Crops remove nutrients from soil. However, the soil is not an eternal supplier of nutrients required for crops growing on it. There is always a need to supplement the nutrient supply to crops through external sources. Excess usage of fertilizers has lead to imbalance of the available nutrients and has caused an increase in chemical loads in the soil and water resources both surface and groundwater directly resulting in loss of yield and revenue for the farmers.

Sampoorti NPK 19:19:19 is a complete water soluble, ideal fertilizer which provides all major macronutrients N-P-K in a balanced ratio to the plants through foliar spray or fertigation at the time of maximum requirement with the lowest losses. Sampoorti N P K 19:19:19 can fulfill any deficiency of one or all three major plant nutrients and minimizes the cost on basal fertilizers.

Sampoorti’s NPK 19:19:19 increases net returns, lowers the cost of production per unit crop yield, minimizes the chemical load on the environment and enables the country to strengthen the fertilizer supplies in the event of their shortages or price escalation thereby ensuring a wiser and long lasting use.

Pack Size



Total Nitrogen min. (in weight)19.0%
Nitrate Nitrogen max. (in weight)4.0%
Ammoniacal Nitrogen min. (in weight)4.5%
Urea Nitrogen max. (in weight)10.5%
Water Soluble Phosphates (as P2O5) min (in weight)19.0%
Water Soluble Potash (as K2O) min (in weight)19.0%
Sodium (as Nacl on dry basis) max. (in weight)0.5%
Sulphur (S) (in weight)2.5%

Sampoorti Product Benefits

  • Best suitable fertilizer to meet out the hidden deficiencies of all major elements.
  • Promotes the rate of tillering, branching, flowering and increases the yield.
  • Ensures timely maturity.


  • Recommended for all crops like Fruits and Vegetables, Cash Crops and Cereals.

Time and Method of Application with Dosage

  • First spray- 10-15 days before flowering and Second spray- 10-15 days after the flowering. 1-2 Kg. per acre with 150-200 Lit. of water.




  • Regular post application precautions like washing hands etc. should be performed.
  • Keep in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of children.