Mono Potassium Phosphate (0:52:34)

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  • Chemical Name
    Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate
  • CAS No.
  • Color & Physical Form
    White   crystals


Technically known as Mono Potassium Phosphate, this completely water soluble speciality fertilizer induces flowering and fruit setting at an increased rate. Sampoorti’s MKP has an NPK ratio of 00:52:34. Application of MKP reduces premature flower dropping and fruit shedding. It gives a significant increase in yield when sprayed at the time of flowering, fruit formation, and grain filling stages. It also improves the quality of the produce.

Importance of Phosphorus and Potassium in the plants


  • Structural component of cell membrane, mitochondria, chloroplast etc.
  • Constituent of Nucleic Acid.
  • Involved in Photosynthesis, Activation of several enzymes, Energy transfer etc.
  • Required for Root and Shoot growth.
  • Gives aroma to the produce.


  • Cell membrane permeability and translocation of food within the plant.
  • Maintains water and mineral balance, develops resistance.
  • Required for seed and grain setting and development.
  • Essential for activation of certain enzymes.
  • Gives colour, flavour and lustre to the produce.

Pack Size



Water Soluble Potash (as K2O) min. (in weight)34.0%
Water Soluble Phosphates (as P2O5) min. (in weight)52.0%
Sodium (as NaCl) max. (in weight)0.025%

Symptoms of Deficiency


  • Inadequate phosphorus causes fewer roots and shoots development.
  • Loss of resistance, plants become prone to disease attacks.
  • In some crops blue green appearance on tender parts are observed.
  • Poor root growth results in poor absorption of nutrients from the soil.
  • Delayed maturity, less flowering and fruit setting results in lower yield.


  • Small white spots develop on edges of leaves.
  • Loss of chlorophyll causes death of the green tissues.
  • Symptoms occur first on lower and older leaves generally.
  • In cotton and wheat it appears on tip of the leaves.
  • Weak and sick plants, lodging in small grains.
  • Loss of resistance to diseases and pests attacks.
  • Heavy loss of yield.

Sampoorti Product Benefits

  • It is the most concentrated WSF containing major nutrients P and K.
  • Increases uptake of various vital elements like Nitrogen, Iron, Boron, etc.
  • Gives excellent flowering and fruit setting resulting in increase in yield, quality and shelf life of the produce.
  • Free from chloride, sodium and other detrimental elements.


  • Recommended for all crops like Fruits and Vegetables, Cash Crops and Cereals.

Time and Method of Application with Dosage

  • Fertigation, Foliar Spray, Basal Fertilizer




  • DO NOT mix with DAP, SSP and Calcium fertilizers.