Mono Ammonium Phosphate (12:61:0)

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  • Chemical Name
    Ammonium Dihydrogen Phosphate
  • CAS No.
  • Color & Physical Form
    White   Crystalline Powder


Technically known as Mono Ammonium Phosphate, MAP is a completely water-soluble fertilizer. The NPK ratio of this fertilizer is 12:61:00. The high phosphorous content in MAP ensures the high immunity of the crops against unfavorable environmental conditions. It is best available source to overcome the phosphate requirements of a crop at a lower cost.

Sampoorti MAP contains Nitrogen in Ammonical form which offers more control over the amount of nitrogen that is available to crops when applied. Sampoorti MAP helps in flower setting and panicle emergence.

Importance of Phosphorus in plants

  • Structural component of cell membrane, mitochondria, chloroplast etc.
  • Constituent of nucleic acid.
  • Involved in photosynthesis, activation of several enzymes, energy transfer etc.
  • Required for root and shoot growth.
  • Gives aroma to the produce.

Importance of Nitrogen in plants

  • Major structural constituent of cell and cell organelles.
  • Essential for metabolic active compounds like Amino Acids, Proteins, Enzymes and Vitamins.
  • Integral part of chlorophyll.
  • Needed for photosynthesis.
  • Essential for succulent produce.

Pack Size



Ammoniacal Nitrogen min (in weight)12.0%
Water Soluble Phosphates (as P2O5) min. (in weight)61.0%
Moisture max. (in weight)0.5%
Sodium (as NaCl) max. (in weight)0.5%

Symptoms of Deficiency


  • Slow and stunted plant growth.
  • Older and lower leaves become yellow first, later the whole plant gives yellowish and sic appearance.
  • Loss of chlorophyll from the greener parts,
  • In severe deficiency the leaves turn brown and may die.
  • Heavy loss of yield.
  • Phosphorus is a structural component of plants body, Inadequate phosphorus causes less root and shoot development.
  • Loss of resistance, Plants become prone to disease attacks.
  • In some crops blue green appearance on tender parts are observed.
  • Poor root growth results in poor absorption of nutrients from the soil.
  • Delayed maturity, less flowering and fruit setting results lower yield.

Sampoorti Product Benefits

  • Contains the highest water soluble phosphorus (P) available.
  • Helps in grain filling and fruit setting in crops.
  • Bold, shiny grains and bigger size of fruits are obtained.
  • Virtually free from chloride, sodium & other harmful elements for plants.


  • Suitable for Foliar application and drip irrigation.

Time and Method of Application with Dosage

  • Fertigation: At the time of irrigation.
  • Foliar spray: Foliar spray should be done at the early vegetative growth period. Foliar spray should be done in the evening.
  • Basal Fertilizer.
  • 1-2 Kg./Acre can be used in 150-200 Lit. water before grain filling or fruit setting.




  • DO NOT mix with Calcium or Magnesium fertilizers.