Canbor (Calcium Nitrate with Boron)

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  • Chemical Name
    Calcium Nitrate with Boron
  • CAS No.
  • Color & Physical Form
    White   Powder


Farming and agricultural sector is now moving towards commercialization from the conventional practices. For obtaining better economic returns the need for optimum usage of all agri-inputs is now being realised and practiced at a larger scale. Fertilizers are the most important and vital input which determines the ultimate gains and therefore they must be applied in a smart and cost effective manner so that the balance between the availability of all essential nutrients is maintained.

Calcium and Boron are the most important nutrients that are vital for the growth, physical strength, Flowering - fertilization and fruit set of the plants. Their deficiency cause heavy losses both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Application of CANBOR keeps the soil healthy and nourished and gives the plant the best chance for excellent growth.

Pack Size



Total Nitrogen min. (in weight)14.60%
Ammoniacal Nitrogen max. (in weight)1.1%
Nitrate Nitrogen (as N) min. (in weight)13.5%
Water Soluble Calcium min. (in weight)17.1%
Boron (as B) min. (in weight)0.250%

Symptoms of Deficiency

Importance of Calcium and Boron


  • Calcium plays an important role in maintaining physical strength of the external organs.
  • Makes the plants capable of holding and bearing weight of seeds and fruits.
  • Maintains strength and permeability of cell walls.
  • Calcium enhances the uptake of Nitrogen, thus promotes vegetative growth.
  • Essential for cell elongation and cell division.


  • Boron plays important role in development of new cells.
  • Essential for germination of pollen grains and seed formation.
  • Promotes absorption of Nitrogen by the plants, thus increases N use efficiency.
  • Boron forms Sugar and Borate complexes and associated with sugar translocation.
  • Important for protein synthesis.
  • Regulates metabolism of Carbohydrates.

Lack of Calcium produces a general breakdown of cell membrane structures with resultant loss in retention of cellular diffusible compounds. Calcium enhances uptake of NO3 –N and therefore is interrelated with Nitrogen metabolism. Calcium is essential for cell elongation and division thus plays important role in the growth of terminal buds of shoot and apical tips of roots. Calcium and Boron plays important role in development and storage (shelf life) of certain vegetables and fruits like potato, Tomato, cauliflower, chili, Peas, Apples, and Banana etc.

Development of Deficiency

Symptoms of Deficiency

  • Lack of Calcium produces a general breakdown of cell membrane structures with resultant loss in retention of cellular diffusible compounds.
  • Young leaves are affected first and become small and distorted or chlorotic with irregular margins, spotting or necrotic areas.
  • Bud development is inhibited, blossom end rot and internal decay may also occur and root may be under developed or die back.
  • Deficiency will cause root tip die-back, leaf tip curl and marginal necrosis and chlorosis primarily in younger leaves.
  • Leaves develop chlorosis and distortion such as crinkling, dwarfing, developing a strap-like shape, shoots stop growing and thicken.

Symptoms of Boron Deficiency

  • The most widespread deficiency found in many fruits and vegetable crops.
  • Appearance of thickened, wilted or curled leaves and water soaked petiole.
  • Symptoms appear first on young apical buds.
  • Discoloration, cracking or rotting of fruits, tubers or roots is a common symptom in all crops.
  • The breakdown of internal tissues in root crops gives rise to black or brown darkened areas referred as to Black or Brown Heart disease.
  • Huge loss of yield and market price of the produce.

Sampoorti Product Benefits

  • Contains dual nutrients Calcium & Boron important for fruits & vegetables.
  • Increases uptake of other nutrients & provides uniform shape to produce.
  • Increases the luster quality of fruits and vegetables.
  • Provides immunity to crop against pest and disease attacks.


  • Especially formulated and suitable for all the Fruits and Vegetable crops.

Time and Method of Application with Dosage

  • During irrigation and during Earthing-Up.


  • 25-50 KGS/Acre


  • DO NOT Mix with DAP and SSP for soil use.